We build everything to make quality foamer with bottle,from experienced R&D,QC team,mould shop,injection shop to automatic assembly lines:

  • Experienced: Our R &D,mold technicians and QC have more than 10 years experience in pump industry.
  • Clean environment:other than daily cleaning,we have filtered air supply system and pest control.
  • Quality:Quality control system complies with ISO9001:2008,foamer are 100% inspection 4 times by machine during assembly.

1) Minimize the risk of leakage: 4 times of full inspection by machine in assembly procedures to make sure all parts qualified and fit well.

2) Minimize the risk of leakage: Each batch of finish products are sample checked by 2 ways,

   a. By vacuum machine.

   b. Foamers assembled with bottle and filled with water, lay down for 36 hours.

3) Clean environment:

   a. All close-up workshop.

   b. Pest control regulartly.

   c. All products are dust blowed.

4) Anti-rust springs: Springs material is stainless steel 304ss/316ss. Each batch is checked by special liquid.

5) Usage life of over 3000 strokes: Finish products are sample checked by mechanical tools which stroke them over 3000 times.

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