• Foam Pump under Corona Virus
    This year 2020 is destined to be a special year,The corona virus breakout on February on worldwide.This is called COVID-19 pandemic,which is affecting the entire world economy.And it is close to becoming a global pandemic. people are trapped in their apartments not permit to go out, and people must wear masks. At the same time the requirements of our hand-washing foam pump increased much...
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  • Flower plastic foam pump
    With the development of people’s life, their pursuit of commodities changes with each passing day. Take our foam pump as example. Customers required simple color, basic shape and single output previously. But recently years, they have asked for different color, different shape and even different theme. To meet the fast development of customers’ demand, we, Guangzhou Talents Cosmetics Packagin...
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  • Foamed Powder bottom liquid becomes a New trend
    In recent years, a variety of daily chemicals have become foam products, such as hand sanitizer, only extrusion can produce foam direct use, no longer need to knead to get bubbles, much more convenient. We can see foam products in daily life, such as foam hand sanitizer, foam facial cleanser, foam shaving cream, even foam toothpaste and so on. Now the new foam products, foam powder bottom liquid h...
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  • Foam Pump Fit With Bottle In Talent
    The foam pump in Talent can be divided into the following three categories. 1.Output:0.4CC;Clousure Size:30/410 2.Output:0.8CC;Clousure Size:40/410 and 43/410 3.Output:1.5CC;Clousure Size:40/410 and 43/410 The foam pump with output 0.4CC,is often used in cosmetic travel suit.hair dye,The remaining two can be used in cosmetics, cleaning products,shaving.ect. Foam pump in different shapes can be use...
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  • Foaming soap equals FUN!
    Foaming soap equals FUN!   Our polypropylene foamer pumps could be a great choice for dispensing a variety of products. These pumps precisely mix liquid and air producing high quality foam with each stroke without the use of gas propellants. Some pump includes a clear plastic overcap.   PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, and is a form of polyester. PET containers are ea...
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  • Plastic foam pmup and bottle benefit
    Foam pump bottles and dispensers are an important packaging material, used in a number of industries. Foam pump bottles, used mostly for dispensing soap, are often used at homes and offices, as well as hotels and restaurants. Offering hassle free, convenient usage, if you haven’t yet tried a foam pump bottle, we highly recommend using one yourself to understand just how beneficial this product is....
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  • Foam Pump Application
    The foam pump is widely used for dispensing cosmetic products and household chemicals, such as mousse foam cleansing, hand washing liquid, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair conditioning mousse, sun protection foam, spot removers, baby products, and so on. Using a foaming soap dispenser is great for Baby because kids LOVE it and use way less soap!  You will save money and us...
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    ABOUT FOAM PUMP: applictions:skin care, make up, hair treatment ,body lotion,liquid soap, hair care products . features:attractive aesthetics,ergonomic design in actuator and shape provide comfortable use feeling different closure options and shape dealing procedure double Anti-Leaking Design!
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  • Advantages of Using Foam Pump--2
    Using some PP plastic foam pump bottles also saves a lot of money on the liquid being dispensed. Using the foam pump on concentrated liquid is usually a waste of money especially when it comes to liquid soap. Mixing up the liquid soap with a little water can help to save the amount of liquid soap used in every wash and therefore save you a lot in overall expenditure on liquid soap.The Foam dispens...
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  • Advantages of Using Foam Pump--1
    We are professional Plastic foaming pump manufacturer from china, welcome to visit us. the Talents Plastic Foam Pump is a device that is fitted with a spring that enables you to dispense a small amount of liquid. It is usually used in household soap bottles and it is a very convenient way through which you can use the liquid soaps. There are a variety of designs of the foam pump; in general the pu...
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