How to use plastic foam pump

Plastic foam pumps are required to use at the upper part of bottles that are filled with different types of liquids and need to keep it protected from unwanted flow. A foam pump is the basic need that is also called as squeeze foamer and dispensing device – a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. It is used on upper part of bottle to output the liquid in the form of foam and operated by squeezing.

plastic foam pump

Plastic Foam Pump in Different Shapes and Designs

Now, you can buy premium quality, eco-friendly and the best range of plastic foam pump and similar other items without spending extra amount of money and time. Guangzhou Talents Cosmetics Packaging Co Ltd have been offering a variety of plastic foam pumps for various cosmetic liquids . Guangzhou Talents Packaging is our online wing where different types of products are displayed with their details so that you can buy the best one easily.


Plastic foam pumps contains 13 pcs accessorries, the material is enviroment-friendly.PP,PE plastic

Latest Plastic Foam Pump Online – Choose According to Your Requirement

We have a broad range of latest plastic foam pumps that you can get according to your requirement at Some of the latest pumps include, but not limited to:

  • 30mm high quality liquid soap dispenser
  • 43mm & 30mm foam pump with food grade silicone brusher for cosmetics plastic facial cleaning
  • 30mm comb style  foam  pump for hair with patent (PAT.NO.:201320137133.4)
  • Color customized 43mm plastic foaming pump shaving soap pump
  • 40mm plastic mousse bubble pump
  • 43mm foam pump dispenser facial clear
  • 1.5ml output new foam pumps
  • external spring new foam pumps,protect the spring from rusting

plastic Cosmetics foam pump

Prices are competitive and depend on type of pump you choose. We also provide you precise information about the pumps to make shopping easy and hassle-free.

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