Foaming soap equals FUN!

Foaming soap equals FUN!  

Our polypropylene foamer pumps could be a great choice for dispensing a variety of products. These pumps precisely mix liquid and air producing high quality foam with each stroke without the use of gas propellants. Some pump includes a clear plastic overcap.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, and is a form of polyester. PET containers are easily identified by the #1 code on or near the bottom. PET is a transparent, lightweight, strong, safe, shatterproof and recyclable packaging material with an inherent barrier suitable for a wide array of product applications.

First and foremost, a sustainable package must serve its essential function: to protect the product it contains, delivering it safely with all of its features and benefits intact. we use various volumes of PET bottle to match the foamer pumps.Also we manufacture different shapes and sizes and designs of bottle packaging

And our packaging and foamers are safe and environmentally to be used on facial cleaning,hair dying... cosmetics area.etc.

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