Foam Pump Fit With Bottle In Talent

The foam pump in Talent can be divided into the following three categories.

1.Output:0.4CC;Clousure Size:30/410

2.Output:0.8CC;Clousure Size:40/410 and 43/410

3.Output:1.5CC;Clousure Size:40/410 and 43/410

The foam pump with output 0.4CC,is often used in cosmetic travel dye,The remaining two can be used in cosmetics, cleaning products,shaving.ect.

Foam pump in different shapes can be used for different purposes.Such as plsastic combs ,plastic brush and silicone brush, can also be specially used in foam hair dye,pet bath and foam facial cleanser.

Small Foam Pump plsastic comb Foam PumpSilicone Brush Foam Pump Plastic Brush Foam Pump

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