• Foam pump components

    Foam pump components

    Each components of our products is made by our own factory, which will be strictly controlled by our quality system. Take our 0.4F series as example, it is composed by 15 parts: Comb tooth, Comb handle, Mesh, Netholder, Closure, Gasket, Disc, Big piston, Small piston, Pull stick, Spring, Housing, Stick, Ball, Dip tube. All these high-quality parts will be inspected 4 times by machine during the process of assembly. This kind of foam pump is widely used in facial wash, shampoo and hair dying and so on. With it, you can enjoy thick foam and happy time with your family. Welcome to inquire us.
  • ASIA HONG KONG: November.12th-14th,2019

    ASIA HONG KONG: November.12th-14th,2019

    Guangzhou Talents Cosmetics Packaging Co.,Ltd exhibition on October: ASIA HONG KONG:  November.12th-14th,2019: Booth No:9-A14 Welcome to our booth to choose the foam pump and bottle you like. We are professional plastic foam pump and cosmetic bottle manufacturer.
  • New Products Of Foam Pump Bottle

    New Products Of Foam Pump Bottle

    The new product--foam pump bottle, PET and HDPE materials, according to the closure size is divided into 43mm foam pump bottle, 40mm foam pump bottle and 30mm foam pump bottle, a variety of specifications and capacities as well as colors and shapes. Can cooperate with the foam pump of the same closure size smoothly. Our factory covers an area of up to 15000 square meters,and our quality of products are excellent and exported all over the world,can be used in cosmetics and daily chemicals packaging materials. with advanced management and technology. Welcome to contact us any time!
  • Tea Party

    Tea Party

    Guangzhou Talents Cosmetics Packaging Co.,Ltd exhibition on May: Tea Party: July.9th,2019: Our company believe that good communication and mentality can lead to high productivity and face customers in the best possible state.And often holds tea parties in order to relieve the pressure of work. Employees can relax the body and mind in the same time in here, and promote communication between colleagues. This is a deeper level of contact than work. As a professional cosmetics packaging manufacturer, Talent supplies various plastic foam pump bottle,accept oem/odm services, welcome to visit our website:www.talentsplastics.com
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